Where big business slugs it out with big religion. Where you’ll find plenty of southern gentility, high windows, crack dens, trailer parks, mansions, whorehouses, six-month summers, dead cops, beautiful wives, fat lawyers, powerbrokers, future presidents and fully lawful plans to take over the world. They’re not out to get you, folks say, it’s just how they do business.

Weaving his lurid tales between true events of Texas and the nation, Michael Simon brings to life another mind-blowing thriller to follow the acclaimed Dirty Sally and Body Scissors.

Welcome to Texas.


Will detective Dan Reles arrest his own father . . . or will the mob find him first?

Lieutenant Dan Reles has a new house, a wife, and a son, and a great career as head of Austin Homicide, but it’s funny how your past catches up with you. When Dan’s deadbeat father Ben Reles, a Mafia legbreaker who’s spent the last twenty years on the run, shows up on Dan’s doorstep with an escaped prostitute in tow,
trouble is sure to follow.

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Torn from the headlines, a story of child stars, kingmakers, and the American town where national crimes are hatched.

It's 1995 and Texas has a new governor, the heir to a political dynasty. Lobbyists and political kingmakers are angling for influence, smoothing their paths with oil money and bible quotes. In their midst, teenager Faith Copeland, fallen child star and recent porn actress, is murdered in her bed, the victim of one man's perverted fantasy and
her own Hollywood dreams.

Enter Dan Reles.

Set in the oil bust days of late 1980s Texas, Michael Simon's explosive debut Dirty Sally introduced readers to Detective Dan Reles, Austin Homicide's only New Yorker and its only Jew. In Body Scissors, a brand new decade brings a new criminal web of intrigue and
violence for Dan to untangle.

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A refugee from the Elmira, New York mob, Dan Reles escaped to Texas at 15. Today he's an Austin homicide detective—the squad's only Yankee and its only Jew. Still reeling from his partner's death, Dan tracks the brutal murder of a young prostitute and
the violent cover-up that follows.

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