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A riveting sequel to Dirty Sally featuring Dan Reles, a New York-born Texas detective on the hunt for a drug kingpin

Set in the oil bust days of late 1980s Texas, Michael Simon's explosive debut Dirty Sally introduced readers to Detective Dan Reles, Austin Homicide's only New Yorker and its only Jew. In Body Scissors, a brand new decade brings a new criminal web of intrigue and violence for Dan to untangle.

January 1991 finds Dan living with Rachel, the beautiful widow of his slain best friend, as America watches the bombs drop on Iraq at the start of the first Gulf War. A botched assassination attempt on Virginia Key, a rising black community leader, leaves one of her children dead and the other in a coma. Dan is on the case as it captures the attention of the local press; Virginia herself captures the constant thoughts of Dan's new partner, Detective James Torbett, and becomes his dangerous obsession.

Meanwhile, the children of the most powerful men in the Texas fall comatose, and doctors are frantic to find an explanation. A bizarre chain of events has Dan chasing an armed junkie across the state, and pits him against a heroin "shooting gallery," the U.S. military, an anonymous hit woman, and a psychotic drug dealer with a Middle-Eastern connections and a long hit list, Dan's name at the top. While Dan's girlfriend Rachel fights to hide her own dark secret, Dan wades through a miasma of drugs, murder and sex, certain he can catch the killer and break the case wide open—unless the killer gets to him first! A violent and thrilling adventure ride, Body Scissors confirms Michael Simon as the next big talent in hard-boiled crime fiction.

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