The Last Jew Standing
Little Faith
Body Scissors
Dirty Sally

Praise for The Last Jew Standing:

“A splendid crime thriller!”
Jewish Literary Review

“Outlandish and highly entertaining.”
Austin American Statesman

“The fourth excellent offering from lit noir master Michael Simon.”
Texas Monthly

The Last Jew Standing is a terrific detective story,
smart, dark, and acidly funny. A wonderful read!
—Kevin Baker, author of Dreamland and Striver's Row

The Last Jew Standing is a great rollicking yarn about good guys and
bad guys in many splendid shades of gray. It is also a brilliant exploration of
the complex ties of family and the price we pay for love, and for loyalty.
This is a crime story that transcends any bounds of genre.
Michael Simon is a literary force to be reckoned with.
—Thomas Kelly, author of Empire Rising

The Last Jew Standing is one of the few crime novels of the past decade by a relatively new writer that I've felt is a must-read. Gritty, dirty and
The Last Jew Standing brings to life characters I don't think I will
ever forget.
Some are heartbreakingly sad. Some are shockingly selfish and violent and others wander through life improvising with the creativity of the desperate. Michael Simon is a masterful teller of tales that made me care.
Don't miss this author who may remind you of James Ellroy or
George V. Higgins or even Don Winslow, but is uniquely
his very arrestable self.”
—Stuart M. Kaminsky

“In his trademark neat, almost noir prose, Simon perfectly conveys the
dilemmas facing a perpetual outsider determined to do the right thing.
His hero is subtly drawn, his problems plausible and his colleagues are
smart renderings. A graceful thriller.
Kirkus Reviews

“Fast, furious and anarchic!”


Praise for Little Faith:

“Michael Simon is one of the most brilliant voices in crime fiction today.”

“Tightly plotted, pithily phrased, and memorably cast, Little Faith sizzles with anger at hypocrisy as usual.”

“Michael Simon takes a hard-hitting look at police corruption and its effect on honest cops in this multi-layered mystery. Rich in detail, the story contains strong sub-plots that explain the main characters while exposing the flaws of a political system ruled by business and religious interests.”
—Mystery Scene magazine

Little Faith is an intricate tale of police corruption, political manipulation and the attempts of a few reasonably honest cops to work within the system ... all in an urban setting rife with drugs, mayhem, rape, incest, murder and just about every other criminal activity you can think of with a gusto that makes
for fascinating reading.”
—I Love a Mystery newsletter

“I loved this book. The third and best yet in an already impressive series, it's brave, smart, intense, and human—just like lead character Dan Reles,
and author Michael Simon.”
—Lee Child, author of ONE SHOT

“Michael Simon's LITTLE FAITH is a searing novel about crimes both public and private, crafted with razor-sharp prose, driven at a breakneck pace by
memorable characters fighting their own demons of
family and faith gone wrong. Be prepared to read until dawn—
this thriller delivers, on every level.”
—Jeff Abbott, author of FEAR

“Michael Simon, coming off two impressive and chilling novels, doesn't miss a beat in the third Dan Reles thriller. Simon clearly has an eye and ear for Texas, along with the darkest places of the human soul, and readers should
have total faith in the results.”
—Tim Dorsey, author of THE BIG BAMBOO


Praise for Body Scissors:

“[A] work so gritty you'll want to scrub your hands with pumice after putting it down... Simon doesn't waste a syllablethings keep moving until, literally, the very last sentence... If Simon keeps it up, he'll have his fans slumming with [James] Ellroy as they wait for the latest Reles tale.”
—Austin American Statesman

“Simon captures the dark side of a city being whipsawed by construction booms and oil busts, and distinctions between good and evil fade to an undefined gray in [Detective Dan] Reles's world-weary, cynical eyes.”
—Texas Monthly

“Gritty, jumpy and absorbing.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A worthy sequel ... the well-depicted setting, the fast pace, evocative atmosphere and believable dialogue hold the reader's attention throughout.”
Publisher's Weekly

“Simon indicts misery's profiteers—dealers, developers, and politicians—
with an infectious indignation.”

Body Scissors is the toughest, most powerful police writing
since Joseph Wambaugh.”
—Beyond the Badge magazine

“Simon writes like a angel sitting in a blackened room
full of spiders. Highly recommended.”

“[An] admirable eye for detail and his sharp ear for the way
people on all sides of the crime line talk.”
—Chicago Tribune

“Exposes the ills of a nation gone amok.”
—Washington Post

“Fast paced and suspenseful from start to finish, Body Scissors is as big-hearted as Texas and just as violent. Don't ever miss the opportunity
to read a Reles story.”
—Rocky Mountain News


Praise for Dirty Sally:

“One of the Top Ten Thrillers
and Mysteries of 2004!”

Dirty Sally is really good, and so is Michael Simon. He's so good, in fact, that I'm already starting to resent him.”
—Robert B. Parker,
Author of the Spenser Novels

Dirty Sally is my kind of novel—tough, dark and gritty. Michael Simon's prose is as riveting as his characters. His Austin homicide squad takes me back to
Los Angeles in the '50's—lawless and dangerous, especially to cops.”
—James Ellroy,
Author of L.A. Confidential

“Michael Simon has created an authentic noir landscape and peopled it with equally authentic characters—tarnished cops and haunted hookers, trapped in sleaze and longing for redemption. The pace is fast, the dialogue crackles,
and Dirty Sally is an absolute pleasure.”
—Barry Eisler,
Author of Rain Fall

“A great story superbly told, the writing as taut and gritty as anything in modern crime fiction... DIRTY SALLY may be the finest crime-novel debut since Dennis Lehane's "A Drink Before the War" in 1994... The story unfolds at a torrid pace, the violence explosive and graphic, the characters twisted by aberrant pasts that haunt their dreams and shape their actions.”
Associated Press

“Full-throttle detective noir... Simon's writing crackles with smarts and throbs with suspense. There's nothing tentative about this explosive debut novel.”
Texas Monthly

“Promising debut thriller... Simon is not one to disappoint thriller aficionados. He speeds [Detective Dan] Reles through the case--and through a grimy, crack-ravaged Austin that Dubya and Laura surely didn't promote... Simon brings it all in at 240 pages, at no loss to characterization (sharp), plotting (canny), or sense of place (palpable)... Sure to return, Simon and Reles are two to watch.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Gripping, brutal stuff, with a freight-train plot that
roars to a jump-the-tracks ending.”

“A stylish noir thriller... Simon challenges the reader with myriad sharp asides that seem unrelated but ultimately fit neatly together. Watching them fall into place is one of the chief pleasures of the book, along with Simon's lean
sensual prose. This is a great read and promising series kickoff.”
Publishers Weekly

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